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    Welcome to the Girl Scout Swap website.  This is a collection of swaps from scouts and guides worldwide.  If you would like to have your swaps displayed on our site, please take a moment to email our webmistress.

    Swaps have been a long-time scouting tradition.  Originally swaps were shared to create a bond of friendship, allowing the recipient to know more about the creator.  Today, many scouts and guides trade swaps as collectibles, sending them through the mail and never meeting the creators.  As a result, we add tags to our swaps, telling the recipient a little about ourselves, where we are from and what the swap symbolizes.

    Swaps, like many other areas of scouting, have changed a lot over the years, but are ingrained into the scouting tradition and make the experience more enjoyable and help to create lasting memories and friendships with other scouts and guides worldwide.

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