Welcome to my Camp Like a Girl linkware web set.
This set features 40 gif images and is free for personal use provided you link back to me at www.scoutmom.net using a logo provided (with a hyperlink attached) or a readable text link.

Fonts used in this set are Tangerine and Kayleigh

The main images included with this set have been designed to be displayed on a white (or very light) background.  If placed on a darker background they will have a "fuzzy" look to the edges.

This set has been created in four color palettes, green (shown here), blue, brown and yellow.  All of these can be found in the zip file.

Want a coordinating solid background?  The green can be found in my Junior Girl Scouts set, the brown and blue in my Brownie Girl Scouts set and the yellow in my Daisy Girl Scouts set.  I have created this set to accompany any age level set you choose to use.

Click here to download the entire set in a ZIP file