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Have you ever felt you wanted some more personalized graphics for creating your web home?  Maybe you've been looking around just don't see exactly what you are looking for?  That's ok!  You've come to the right place.

What Kinds of Custom Graphics Do You Make?
Anything and everything (that is family friendly, that is).  If you can dream it up I will make it for you.  I've made personalized adoptions, troops, families, calendars and printables. 

Do You Have Samples?
Yes!  I have a page of sample custom work with print images (t-shirt designs, buttons, etc) and a page of custom web images used for website decoration.  I have also created a custom troop page with lots of samples to make designing your custom troop easier for you.  However, I am happy to work from a photograph if you prefer.

How Much Do You Charge?
Again, this depends on the kind of graphics you are looking for but, this chart will give you an idea.  I try to give all scout purchases a discount, I know how quickly costs add up on volunteer leaders. 


Graphic Price What You Get
Custom Single Scout Set $10.00 a set of six individual graphics showing the scout of your choice (may be a girl or adult) in various styles - showing the sign, with a bag, holding cookie box, standing, starting the next level and with the scout's level and/or name as a page header

This set is perfect for creating a custom page for your very own special scout!

Custom Scout Troop or Family $30.00 an individual graphic of each person in your group and a group graphic of everyone together - choose from any style of graphics I create
Custom Print Calendars (8.5x11) $2.00 per month calendars created in printable format with special events, meetings, birthdays or anything else noted with graphics
Custom Troop T-Shirt $20.00 large graphic created in  PNG format for excellent print quaility  showing your entire troop -- can be created in other formats if a printer so desires
Custom Troop Web Sets $50.00 3 backgrounds, a custom troop set (see above), button and banner set, email, guestbook and guest map graphics, and text topper with troop number (price for up to 12 girls, add $2 per each additional girl)
Custom Personal Web Set 1 $25.00 3 backgrounds, main graphic, button and banner set, email, guestbook and guest map graphics, 3 small graphics
Custom Personal Web Set 2 $40.00 5 backgrounds, main graphic, button and banner set, quilt block and card set, email, guestbook and guest map graphics, 3 medium graphics and 3 small graphics

How and When Do I Pay You?
Sadly, due to custom orders being placed and then not paid for, a payment is now required before I can begin working on your order.  Orders of $20.00 or more may pay a deposit of 50%, all other orders must be paid in full.  Payments are non-refundable.  I will show sample graphics to you for approval and will make changes as requested.  You will receive your completed order when paid in full.  Paypal will be the only form of payment accepted for custom orders from this time forward.

Do I Own My Custom Graphics?
Yes, and no.  Here's why: I own all copyrights to all my work.  When you purchase a custom graphic you are the only one who will have that graphic, however, you can not resell it or alter it (unless I've given you the ok for that) in anyway.

Please be sure to read my terms of use before downloading or purchasing graphics.  Thank you!



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