Council's Own Try-Its

If your council has a program not listed here, please contact me so we can add it.  Thank you!
If you find a broken link or know of a council change, please contact me so I can update or remove the program.

PLEASE NOTE: GSUSA is changing the guidelines for council's own awards and no new council's owns are being able to be created at this time.  Also, new patches are not allowed to be ordered because of stricter policys put into place by GSUSA.  As a result, no new updates will be made to any of the council's own pages on this website.  SOME councils may still have stock of old council's own patches to share.  CONTACT each council before you do a program, and if they have patches available, purchase them while you can, don't wait until after you have completed the program with your troop.


Try It Name Council of Origin Will Share
10th Mountain Division Thousand Islands - Now NYPenn Pathways - need a link Yes
Along the Wilderness Road Kentucky Wilderness Road Yes
American Frontier Virginia Skyline Yes
Archeology Central Indiana Yes
Archery Jersey Shore ?
Arizona Sahuaro Yes
Aquaculture Black Diamond Yes
Beach Awareness (click on av. patches) Southern Alabama ?
Best Bones Fox Valley  
Best Bones Sybaquay  
Bicycling Central & Western Massachusetts Yes
Birds Heart of New Jersey Yes
Birds Virginia Skyline Yes
Birds of the Carolinas North Carolina Coastal Pines ?
Bit and Bridle (click on available patches) Southern Alabama ?
Bowling Central & Western Massachusetts Yes
Bowling Central & Southern New Jersey ?
Brownie Ballerina Middle Tennessee Yes
Brownie Beanie Basics Sahuaro Yes
Brownie Girl Scout Aide Southwest Texas Yes
Brownie U.P. Heritage Peninsula Waters Yes
Bugs Virginia Skyline Yes
Butterflies SE Florida ?
Butterfly Fun Virginia Skyline Yes
California San Diego-Imperial Yes
Campfire Chesapeake Bay - waiting for new link Yes
Capital Currency Nation's Capital Yes
Caving Kentucky's Wilderness Road Yes
Cheerleading Virginia Skyline Yes
Chemistry Black Hawk Yes
Climb It Central Indiana Yes
Climbing Challenge Wagon Wheel Yes
Clowning and Mime Central & Southern New Jersey Yes
Clowning Around Chesapeake Bay - waiting for new link Yes
Coal Black Diamond Yes
Computer Ease Virginia Skyline Yes
Confectionarily Yours Virginia Skyline Yes
Cosmic Adventures Heart of New Jersey Yes
Cosmotology Oregon & SW Washington Yes
Craft Sampler Rolling Hills Yes
Creepy Crawlers Rolling Hills Yes
Dairy Delights Riverland Yes
Dinosaurs Wagon Wheel Yes
Disability Awareness Eastern Missouri ?
Disaster Preparedness Virginia Skyline Yes
Discover Chicago Chicago Yes
Doll Collector Central & Southern New Jersey Yes
Drama Queen Central & Southern New Jersey Yes
Drop Everything and Read Virginia Skyline Yes
Earth Saver Central Indiana Yes
Elephant Sahuaro Yes
Engineering Oregon & SW Washington Yes
Every Vote Counts North Carolina Coastal Pines ?
Fashion Central & Southern New Jersey Yes
First Aide Central & Southern New Jersey Yes
Fishing Central Indiana Yes
Fishing Virginia Skyline Yes
Flower Frenzy Eastern PA Yes
Food, Farm, Fiber Tanasi Yes
For the Birds Central & Western Massachusetts Yes
For the Love of Books Central & Southern New Jersey ?
Forestree Central Maryland ?
Fossil Safari Black Hawk Yes
Friends of Horses Virginia Skyline Yes
Fun at the Fair Riverland Yes
Fun in the Forest Black Hawk Yes
Fun in the Forest Western Rivers Yes
Gardening - waiting on new link Morris Area Yes
Georgia's Native Peoples Northwest Georgia  
Giddy Up and Go Kentucky Wilderness Road Yes
Girl Scout History Arizona Cactus-Pine  
The Great Olympics Virginia Skyline Yes
Great Smokey Mountains Nat'l Park Tanasi Yes
Homelessness Central & Southern New Jersey ?
Honoring our Armed Forces North Carolina Coastal Pines ?
Horse and Pony Central & Southern New Jersey Yes
Horse Kicks West Central Florida ?
Horsin' Around Safely Heart of New Jersey Yes
Horses Central Indiana Yes
Hot Stuff Central & Southern New Jersey ?
I Have a Dream Colonial Coast Yes
Illinois Fox Valley  
Incredible Insects Black Diamond Yes
Indian Lore Virginia Skyline Yes
Interesting Insects (at bottom of page) Central New York ?
Its Natural Thousand Islands - Now NYPenn Pathways - need a link Yes
Landscaping Virginia Skyline Yes
Leave No Trace Sahuaro Yes
Let's Get Digging Black Hawk Yes
Let's Go GEO (at bottom of page) Central New York ?
Lewis and Clark Oregon & SW Washington Yes
Life in Colonial Times Central & Southern New Jersey Yes
Lighthouse Central & Southern New Jersey yes
Lovin' and Groomin' (Horses) Middle Tennessee Yes
Maple Syrup Sybaquay  
Marine Animals Eastern PA Yes
Maryland, My Maryland Central Maryland  
Marvelous Mystery Black Diamond Yes
Medieval Maidens Central & Western Massachusetts Yes
Mount Saint Helens Oregon & SW Washington Yes
My Neighborhood Thousand Islands Yes
Mythology Virginia Skyline Yes
Native American Middle Tennessee Yes
Native American San Diego-Imperial Yes
Native American Lore Black Diamond Yes
Native People Tanasi Yes
Navy Pride Colonial Coast Yes
New Jersey Naturalist Heart of New Jersey Yes
News Reporter Virginia Skyline Yes
Nocturnal in Nature (at bottom of page) Central New York ?
Nurse Sahuaro Yes
Nursing Central Indiana Yes
Nursing Exploration Chesapeake Bay Yes
Ocean Discovery Central & Southern New Jersey Yes
Oceanography Oregon & SW Washington Yes
Oceanography Patriots' Trail Yes
On Ice Virginia Skyline Yes
On Stage Virginia Skyline Yes
On Wisconsin Riverland Yes
Our Community  (click on av. patches) Southern Alabama ?
Our Feathered Friends Black Hawk Yes
Our Pets, Our Friends Central Indiana Yes
Our State (Virginia) Virginia Skyline Yes
Outdoor Skills Virginia Skyline Yes
Planetary Mysteries Jersey Shore ?
Passport to Religion Chicago Yes
Patriotism Virginia Skyline Yes
Pet Love Virginia Skyline Yes
Pets Tanasi Yes
Photo Fun Virginia Skyline Yes
Play Ball Santa Clara County  
Pony Fun - waiting on new link Morris Area Yes
Pony Ready Middle Tennessee Yes
Powwows and Tipis Heart of New Jersey Yes
Prairie Magic Black Hawk Yes
Preserving Our Past Middle Tennesse Yes
Quilt-It Sahuaro Yes
Renaissance Central Indiana Yes
Rock On Middle Tennessee Yes
Rollin' Down the River Riverland Yes
Roots and Shoots Nation's Capital Yes
Rose Festival Oregon & SW Washington Yes
Saleswoman Central & Western Massachusetts Yes
Saltwater Colonial Coast Yes
Sand in My Shoes Jersey Shore ?
Scrapbooking North Carolina Coastal Pines ?
Scavenger Hike Tanasi Yes
Science Wizardry Virginia Skyline Yes
Scrapbooking North Carolina Coastal Pines ?
Scrapbooking Virginia Skyline Yes
Sewing Virginia Skyline Yes
Show Me Eastern Missouri ?
Sign Language Virginia Skyline Yes
Signing Central & Southern New Jersey Yes
Skiing Virginia Skyline Yes
Sourland Mountains Heart of New Jersey Yes
Spatacular Me Colonial Coast Yes
Speaking in Sign Chesapeake Bay -waiting for new link Yes
Special Grandparents Virginia Skyline Yes
Special Language (Sign) Central Indiana Yes
Statue of Liberty Suffolk County Yes
Stitch In Time Sybaquay  
Storm Ready SE Florida ?
Sweet Shoppe Heart of New Jersey Yes
Take a Hike Virginia Skyline Yes
Team Tactics Central & Southern New Jersey Yes
That's Entertainment Virginia Skyline Yes
Trail Blazer Sybaquay  
Trails of Mystery (animals) Sybaquay  
Underground Railroad Black Diamond Yes
Water Fun Heart of New Jersey Yes
Water Safety and Fun Virginia Skyline Yes
Weather Wise Black Diamond Yes
A World of Understanding Western Rivers Yes
Zoological Oregon & SW Washington Yes