The Leader Quilt

Being a Girl Scout leader is like making a quilt. First, we gather together the cloth-- our girls -- from different origins and cuts of materials. Some are shy, unimposing -- like pale pastels. Others are dizzy patterns of vibrant color. We must bind them together, matching their sameness, blending their uniqueness. The thread of Girl Scouting is strong. Our own hands must be steady and sure, patiently making each stitch small and even. Until -- finally -- the quilt is finished, with a background of the Girl Scout Promise and Law and a thick padding of love and understanding. And though each patch is different, together they are strong, beautiful, and warm; and the seamstress can be proud.

This would make a good ceremony, or a reading for Leader Appreciation Day.  As a take home token, give your leaders a small piece of quilt-type fabric (printed pattern that looks like a quilt) safety pinned to a printed copy of the poem.