Six Ways to Be a Model Leader/Advisor

1. Everything you say or do makes an impression on kids. What they don’t see, they often sense.

2. The measure of character is how you act when you think no one’s looking. You’d be surprised at what kids know, hear about, and discover by accident. Behavior speaks louder and more persuasively than anything you can say.

3. Only a fraction of young people will stay involved in Girl Scouts beyond high school, but most will become parents, employees, and citizens. By building their character, you’ll give them and the rest of society a permanent gift.

4. Setting rules is important because young people are especially vigilant for unfairness and hypocrisy. Too many adults are selfish and undisciplined because rules weren’t enforced or didn’t apply to them when they were young.

5. When the outcome’s on the line, so is integrity.

6. If you’re not sure how to handle a situation, ask yourself:

  • What would I tell my child to do?

  • What would I do if my child was looking over my shoulder?

  • Do I want my character judged on this decision?

  • How would I feel if my decision was reported on the 6 o’clock news?

  • If everybody did it, would it be a good thing?

  • What would my role model do?