Kaper Charts

One topic I am asked more about than any other is having a kaper chart.  For so many leaders this causes grief, what kinds of kapers should we use, what kind of chart do we need, etc.  Here are some suggestions and ideas to help you create the right chart for your troop.

Jobs that are going to be done every meeting should be rotated in a fair manner among all of the girls in the troop.  One way to do this is by means of a kaper chart.  There are several ways to create a kaper chart, really it's just like a chore chart you would make for your kids at home.

To make a simple kaper chart you will need:
    1 piece of poster board
    magic markers
    a clothespin for each girl in your troop

Draw squares around the edges of the poster board, one square for each job.  (Try to have one job for every girl.  One job may need more than one girl.)  List jobs (or kapers) in squares.  For younger girls you may want to have cute names for each kaper.  Write each girl's name on a clothespin with a fine tip marker or pen.  Clip her clothespin to the kaper she is assigned to do.  Each meeting, move the names around in a clockwise fashion.

Suggested Kapers

  • help set up tables

  • get flag

  • lead flag salute

  • lead the pledge

  • lead the girl scout promise

  • take attendance

  • attendance (use smile stickers)

  • handling supplies

  • special helper

  • read kapers

  • dues (we collect $1 each mtg.)

  • pass out paper(s)

  • collect paperwork (permissions slips, badge work sheets)

  • choose a song

  • choose a game

  • take pictures

  • snacker

  • pass out snack

  • clean-up after snack (2)

  • Clean-up x2

  • lead good-bye game

  • help take down tables

  • snacks

  • flag bearer

  • drinks

  • plates

  • napkins

  • friendship squeeze starter

  • promise

  • bathroom buddy

  • lead an activity

  • Flag Bearer

  • Promise Keeper

  • Law Keeper

  • Attendance Checker

  • Dues Collector

  • Stick Starter

  • Happy Hostess

  • Thankful Scout

  • Creative Crafter

  • Game Girl

  • Song Bird

  • Clean Up Clean

  • Gathering Granny

  • Blessing

  • Leader's Helper

  • Clean up Captain

  • bring a book

Kaper Charts on the Web

Troop 3682 - very colorful chart, good for younger scouts

Camping Kapers - demonstrates using patrols for kapers, good for older scouts

More Kaper Chart Ideas

Posterboard with dolls – We made ours for 14 Brownies out of heavy poster board (approx. 3 x 2 ft.) with two rows and 7 (7 jobs with 2 girls per job) columns drawn in. Each of the 14 spaces had a velcro dot on it. Then the girls made Tongue Depressor People with yarn for hair, cut up material for clothes and felt tip pen faces. We left enough room at the bottom of the sticks to write their names. I wrapped pipe cleaners around the sticks for arms and legs before I gave them to the girls to decorate. I recommend writing their names on the sticks for them before they decorate them, because I let them do it, and I had great difficulty reading the names to tell who had what job that week. I put a velcro dot on the back of each stick person and then each week I rotated them on the chart. This way the girls got to do something different each week, and with a different person. Then at the beginning of each meeting, or during the business part of the meeting, we would go over the chart so that each girl knew what her job was for that day.

Cardboard Pie wheel that rotates - I made a circle (pie chart) out of cardboard, and divided it into 12 parts (I have 12 girls in the troop) I wrote the jobs about ever 4th or 5th space. Then I inserted this onto a larger cardboard circle on which I had written all the girls names. I attached it with one of the spreadable brass brads that you use to hold papers together. Whoever is Snack person for the night gets the arrow pointing to her, and we follow the rest of the jobs wherever they fit in. (It ends up being fair, really!)

Simple posterboard circle with clothespins - My troop's kaper chart is a piece of posterboard cut into a circle and sectioned off into 4 areas: Crafts, Clean Up, Snacks, Song/Pledge/Games. You may want to break up the last into separate sections, but putting them together worked well in my troop.

For clips, we decorated clothespins. We glued green construction paper to the front side. Glued large pom poms to the nose of the clothespin and wiggle eyes to the pom pom. Then each girl printed her name along the clothespin body.

To assign kapers, girls need only check the circle to see if their clothespin is up and if so, at which job. Best of all, at our last meeting of the year, the girls will blue magnets to the back of the clothespins and stuff the body with 2 circles of tissue paper (for wings) and take home the clothespins as butterfly magnets---which represents how much they've grown this year in Girl Scouting!

Dry Erase board and alphabetical rotation - I do my kaper chart on a dry erase board that I carry to every meeting. It's best if you have a job for each girl. Right now I only have 6 girls (juniors) and their jobs are: Pledge leader, Promise leader, attendance taker, dues taker, activity helper and game leader (if they have time to play). If you have snack, you could have someone to pass out snack, napkins, cups, etc. I started out listing the girls in alphabetical order and then just move them down one every week and move the last name to the top. This takes care of any complaints about the job that they get. Hope this helps.

Posterboard with trefoils - Our jobs are opening, snack, cleanup, closing, and helper. (Helper hands out papers, etc). I took a big poster board, and wrote the jobs on it. Next, cut trefoil shapes out of contrasting poster board, about 4 inches across, and wrote each girl’s name on a trefoil. At the end of each meeting, the girl with the best behavior gets to pull the names for next week’s kapers. The poster has velcro dots on it, and each trefoil has the other half of the velcro, so that the trefoils stick to the big poster and it can be hung on the wall so everyone can see their jobs. I have to admit we don't do all of this at every meeting. We have 1-hr meetings twice a month, and 17 girls, so it gets really hectic just finishing up what we wanted to do for the meeting. Next year (3rd grade) we do to 1 1/2 hours, and will probably use it more then.

In-Out Bag – My favorite way to assign Kapers to Brownies is the In-Out Bag. Any time you need a job done--dues collecting, handing out the glue sticks, line leader when you go outside, holding the flag for the flag ceremony, etc--pull a name out of the "In" bag. That name then goes in the "Out" bag. When the "In" bag is empty, dump all the names from the "Out" bag back into the "In" bag and start again. This way no one can complain they never get to do anything!

Draw names and encourage girls to be on time - For meeting kapers, I got 8 popsicle sticks and wrote each girl's name on a stick, and then would "draw names" for the jobs. If a girl wasn't there when her kaper was called, we would pick another name. Since flag ceremony happened early in the meeting, it also got girls to the meetings on time who tended to be late!

Foam Project display board – Works well because you can fold it flat to keep in your car but it does stand up pretty well by itself.