Now that you have decided to be a Girl Scout leader you may have noticed the ever-growing stack of paperwork you receive.  Maybe it isn't quite that bad, but there are a lot of forms.  Here are a few of the basics:

Girl Registration Form: Each and every girl in your troop must have one of these filled out.  You can get copies from your registrar or council representative that are carbon, but in a pinch you can use the form here.

Adult Registration Form: Just like the girl form, only for adults.  If an adult is going to drive members of your troop (other than their own children) they must be a registered adult.

Permission Form: If your troop is leaving the meeting site for anything more than a walk around the block, it's a good idea to get a parent permission form (and it doesn't hurt to get one for that trip around the block).  When I print permission forms each trip has it's own paper color so that I can easily tell which trip a girl has permission for.  Permission forms should be in the same vehicle as the girl they apply to when on a trip.

Health History: Also a very important form that you must have for each girl.  A new form has to be filled out and signed each year.  Health history forms should be in the same vehicle as the girl they apply to when on a trip.

For more forms and things to do with them, visit the Troop Notebook Page.

*NEW Girl's Records*

I have created these new record to reflect the journeys and the new badges for each level found in the GGGS and the subsequent badge packets.  You can download them for free here.  If you would like more record keeping forms, take a look at my Troop Record Keeper over at the shop.

Individual Girl Record - Daisy

Individual Girl Record - Brownie

Individual Girl Record - Junior

Individual Girl Record - Cadette

Individual Girl Record - Senior

Individual Girl Record - Ambassador