Sales Tips

Teens, have friends that are away at college? Ask their parents to order cookies to send in a care package.
Post a note on your locker annoucing you'll be selling cookies during locker breaks.

Remind customers who are on diets or have health restrictions that cookies can be purchased and donated to a local gift of caring that support troops abroad and community organizations.

Girl Scouts rarely visit appartment complexes or retirement communities. With a parent, go door-to-door in these communities.

During booth season, ask your school if you can set up a cookie sale booth at the home games.

Visit mom and pop restaurants with cookie recipes--mention it would make a great ingredient in a "special limited time" dessert.

Bring a few copies of recipes involving Girl Scout Cookies and share them with potential customers.

Most importantly, remind your customers that every cookie makes a difference. Tell them why you are selling cookies: to support a service project, take a trip, or reach a goal.