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We’ve all heard the expression “Just the tip of the iceberg” but do your girls know what it means? Basically, it means a small part of something larger. We can easily relate this to one Girl Scout and the entire Girl Scout organization. We can also relate this to our cookie sales goals. When girls set goals they often just cover the “tip of the iceberg” by setting a numerical goal. But, what happens to the profits the troop earns from those cookie sales? What do the girls want to do with the money they worked to earn?

As a group, have the girls brainstorm what kinds of things they would like to do with their cookie profits. Our troop usually has three goal categories – giving service, short term and long term. Our short term goals are things we want to do this year, our long term goals are things that will take us a few years to accomplish and giving service is our way of sharing our profits with others. Some councils have adopted the “rule of thirds” and you may wish to follow that.

Activity Instructions
Before the meeting, print a copy of the My Goals sheet for each girl in the troop and one copy of the Troop Goals sheet (feel free to have your copy shop enlarge this for added effect). As the girls are brainstorming their list of ideas for troop profits, have the leader or a troop scribe take notes. Allow the girls to vote on which ideas they would like to adopt for this cookie season, keeping expectations grounded in reality. Use the Troop Budgeting Worksheet at the ABC website or have the girls calculate on their own how many boxes of cookies your troop will need to sell in order to reach these goals. That total troop number goes on your Troop Goal Sheet at the top. Divide that number of boxes by the number of girls in your troop who will be participating in the cookie sale and you have a troop goal for each girl. This is the total girl number and it goes on the top of the girls’ iceberg sheets. Now, have the girls personalize their goal sheets – add some color and the goals they hope to reach during this year’s cookie program. Not all of the goals need to be money oriented – some girls may have goals for things like adding new customers, earning a new badge or being involved in the sale in a way she has not before – like a booth sale or by making signs.