Dos and Don't Safety Game

 Click here to download the entire packet - Giraffe Theme

Click here to download the entire packet   - Penguin Theme

Before girls begin selling cookies itís important for leaders to go over the safety dos and doníts so that the girls have them fresh in their minds. This game (adapted from one provided by the ABC cookie company) reviews some common safety rules. There is also a sheet of blank cards for you to add your own dos and doníts to.

There are two styles created for this game, but the questions are the same. I created these to go with the animal mascots for one cookie season, so that's why there are two themes. Do you have ideas for more "Dos" and "Don'ts"? Send them to me at and I'll create some more cards.

Printing Instructions
Print all of the items on cardstock for added durability and if possible laminate (clear contact paper works well for do-it-yourself laminating). Print one copy of the question cards and two copies of the dos and doníts cards.

How To Play

1. Player/Team 1 receives one Do Card and one Donít Card.
2. Player/Team 2 draws a Question Card and reads the question aloud.
3. Player/Team 1 responds by holding a Do Card or a Donít Card.
4. Player/Team 2 either agrees or disagrees with response and explains why.
5. The adult volunteer either confirms the explanation or guides Players/Teams to the correct one.
6. Take turns until all Question Cards have been used.