Booth Sale Tips

Remember, as you and the girls participate in Cookie Booth Sales, you are representing over 3 million Girl Scouts around the country. Good manners are always appropriate!

1. Begin planning early. Contact your selected site(s) and ask for permission to sell. Be ready to explain why you are holding the booth sale and why you need their location.

2. When ordering cookies for your booth, plan on selling no more than 25-30 packages an hour, or 12 to 15 cases a day. Order popular varieties, such as Thin Mints and Samoas.

3. Order extra cookies to help girls reach their individual goals.

4. Schedule girls to staff the booth so that all girls who want to help have a chance to do so. There should be adult supervision at all times.

5. Advertise your booth sale by putting up posters ahead of time to let people know when and where you will be.

6. At a troop/group meeting, practice with the girls how to approach customers and ask them to buy.

7. Check in with the store manager when you arrive. Set up your booth in an attractive manner, using eye-catching signs and displays. Keep the area clean and orderly.

8. Have a cash box. Take change with you. Have a plan for safeguarding money. Money may be given to the supervising adults. Adults must be present at all times when Girl Scouts operate a booth in a store, mall, or public place.

9. Have girls stay at booth and not wander about. They should be sure to keep a minimum of 50 feet from traffic.

10. At the conclusion of the sale, clean up the area and dispose of any trash.

11. Give or sent a thank you note or poster to your location sponsor, thanking both the business and its customers for buying Girl Scout Cookies.

12. Evaluate the sale, and decide what you need to remember for next year!