Tree For the Future

Multi-Level Bridging Ceremony

Supplies: 1. a stylized oak tree cut into pieces to include: roots, trunk, branches, leaves and acorn (black pieces of tree with rolled tape)
2. large poster board


Acorn = Daisy Girl Scouts; just as an acorn is the beginning of a majestic oak so is Daisy Girl Scouting the beginning of adventures in the world of Girl Scouting. The Promise Center and Petals show they have learned the Girl Scout Promise and Law. (Place acorn.)

Roots = Roots sprout from the seed and reach out in the earth to anchor the tree and seek nourishment. Brownie Girl Scouting is the root of our organization. It provides a firm foundation of growth through the completion of Try-It awards. (Place roots. The root should have five sections representing the five levels of Girl Scouts. You might write one on each root.)

Trunk = Just as a tree trunk reaches up from the ground and into the world so do Junior Girl Scouts reach out further into their world by earning badges and signs and the Junior Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest award at this level. (Place trunk.)

Branches = A tree's branches allow it to spread and seek even more of the world. STUDIO 2B presents Girl Scouts 11 - 17. This approach to Girl Scouting allows girls many opportunities to seek both group and individual fulfillment. Opportunities abound.

Girls can create their own path based on their special interests. They can choose to earn charms and Interest Project Awards, become program aids, earn Community Service Bars, and travel on exciting destinations. (Have each activity written on a branch and place it on the tree as it is mentioned.)

Girls in grades 6 - 8 can reach their full potential by earning: (Have each part written on a branch and place them on the tree as it is mentioned.)
1. Girl Scout Silver Career Award
2. Girl Scout Silver Leadership Award
3. The Silver 4 B's Challenge Award
4. Girl Scout Silver Award
You could write a part on each of the branches.
Place the Girl Scout Silver Award on a prominent branch.

Leaves = Just as the leaves of a tree are its crowning glory and a source of additional nourishment, so does Girl Scouting for girls in grades 9 -12 top off a girl's experience in Girl Scouts. It allows her to explore her interests while displaying a high level of skill and leadership. (Have each part written on a leaf and place them on the tree as it is mentioned.)
1. Leader-in-Training Award
2. Counselor-In-Training Award
3. Girl Scout Troop Assistant Award
4. Apprentice Trainer
5. Girl Scout Gold Career Award
6. Girl Scout Gold Leadership Award
7. The Gold 4 B's Challenge Award
8. Girl Scout Gold Award
The leaf representing the Girl Scout Gold Award should be bigger and higher than all the rest.

If you have Girl Scouts bridging to adult Girl Scouting, give them acorns so that they may go out and start the program over again for other girls.

Note: Even if you don't have a level in your community, be sure to add it to your tree so the girls understand the concept of the whole program.

If you are bridging more than one level, add a section to the tree as each level completes its bridging activity.