Membership Star Ceremony

Materials needed:
Script on 3x5 index cards to be read
Girl Scout membership star with appropriate color disc
Large star shape cutout
Form a Friendship Circle and place the star cutout in the center of the circle.
Leader: Read (or write your own) poem or tell a story of a star. Relate the poem or story to the growth and glow of your troop. For example:

The Falling Star
by Sara Teasdale
I saw a star slide down the sky.
Blinding the north as it went by.
Too burning and too quick to hold.
Too lovely to be bought or sold.
Good only to make wishes on.
And then forever to be gone.

by Rhoda W. Bacmeister
Bright stars, light stars, shining in the night stars.
Little twinkly, winkly stars. Deep in the sky!
Yellow stars, red stars. Shine when I'm in bed stars.
Oh how many blinky stars. Far, far away!

Call each girl by name to the star in the center of the Friendship Circle, present her with her star and say:
"Keep this star bright by night and day, by Girl Scout good turns along your way."