Junior Bridging Ceremony

Junior Girl Scouts form a horseshoe at one end of the bridge, while Cadette Girl Scouts form a horseshoe on the other. Each Junior Girl Scout is presented with a candle while she is still on the "Junior" side of the bridge. One by one, each bridging Junior walks to the center of the bridge, escorted by her leader. When they reach the center of the bridge, they are met by an experienced Cadette Girl Scout. The ceremony then proceeds in the following manner:

Leader: May I present Junior Girl Scout _______________, who is eager to accept the challenge of Cadette Girl Scouting.

Cadette Girl Scout: I, _______________, challenge you, ________________, to serve your younger sister Girl Scouts, your community, and your country; as we have served you. If you accept this challenge, I will light your candle in respect, that you will live your challenge to the fullest. Do you accept this challenge?

Bridging Junior: I will accept this challenge.

(upon accepting the challenge, the Cadette will light the bridging Junior's candle)

Leader: (name of new Cadette GS), would you please recite the Girl Scout Promise

New Cadette: Recites the Promise

Cadette leader and girls congratulate the new Cadette Girl Scout and welcome her to Cadette Girl Scouting

The same procedure is repeated until all girls are bridged.

Do a closing song or other closing activity