Golden Link for Thinking Day

This version of a golden link ceremony works well because each girl has a part and the finished product (the chain) serves as a great visual for the concept of how each of us as individuals is important in making the whole chain strong.


Each girl stands in a circle with a strip of yellow construction paper with a small piece of tape on the end. On each strip is written the name of a country where there are Girl Scouts or Girl Guides, and possibly what one of the different age levels is called in that country, or a portion of the Promise or Law from that country. (A few countries are listed below, but additional info can be found in "Trefoil Around The World'" in the Service Unit Library).

Leader: As Girl Scouts we are not only members of our own troop, and Girl Scouts of the United States of America, but we have 'Sister' Girl Scouts or Girl Guides in 136 countries around the world. Each of our Sister Scouts has accepted a Promise and Law much like our own.

In the Netherlands, a Girl Guide is called a Padvindster. As Padvindster's close their meetings with a friendship circle, each girl says in turn. "I am a link in the golden chain of world friendship, and I will keep my link strong and bright."

As each of us adds a link to build our Golden Chain of Friendship, let's think about our Sister Scouts in other countries. About how things may be different for them but also about how much we are the same and about how each of us is an important link in the Golden Chain of Friendship. (This section can be separated into 3 parts for older girls to read.)

All together: Say Promise or Promise and Law.

Each girl in turn reads her country and information and adds her strip to the growing chain. The last link added should close the chain.

*Optionally, each girl could also add a link with her own name on it.

Leader: Repeat after me the saying from Padvinsters in the Netherlands.

All Together: 'I am a Link in the Golden Chain of World Friendship, and I will keep my link strong and bright.'

1. In the Bahamas, Brownie Scouts promise to have courage and be cheerful in difficult situations.

2. In Ghana, an Ananse Guide promises to make good use of her time.

3. In Guatemala, Little Riding Hoods promise to smile and sing under all difficulties.

4. In Italy, a Ladybird promises to love and respect nature.

5. In Madagascar, a Little Wing promises to do all she can to create peace around her.

6. In Nigeria, a Ranger Guide promises to be useful and help others.

7. In Papua New Guinea, a Sunbird promises to take care of her own possessions and those of others.

8. In Spain, a Pioneer promises to get to know the place she is living and be involved in its improvement.

9. In Turkey, a Venture Guide promises to be a friend to animals and plants.

10. In Greece, a Star promises to be conscientious in her work and reliable.

11. In Korea, a Cadet promises to be thrifty.

12. In Liechtenstein, a Little Bee promises to seek and convey joy.

13. In Malta, a Dolphin promises to be self-controlled in all she thinks, says and does.

14. In Jordan, a Ranger promises to be frank and make it a point of honor to deserve trust.

15. In Grenada, a Guide promises to be obedient.

16. In Germany, a Caravelle promises to share and be grateful.

17. In Austria, a Brownie promises to pay attention to all human beings and seek to understand them.

18. In Australia, a Gumnut Guide promises to be friendly and a sister to all Girl Guides.

19. In Switzerland, a Ranger promises to rejoice in all that is beautiful.

20. In Sudan, a Bluebird promises to be a sister to every other guide, no matter to what country, class or creed, the other may belong.

21. In Israel, an Ofer (or Brownie) promises to live life correctly and do her duty.

22. In England, a Rainbow promises to love her God and be kind and helpful.

23. In Canada, a Pathfinder promises to be true to herself.

24. In Argentina, Little Wings promise to obey the law of the pack.

25. In Bangladesh, a Yellowbird promises to help other people every day, especially those at home.