Four Winds Court of Awards

North Wind:

I am the North Wind. People say I am cold, but to [girl's name] I will always bring the warmest weather because she has been true to the Girl Scout Promise and has lived up to the Girl Scout Law.

South Wind:

I am the South Wind. I wish you all success in Girl Scouting. Over hill and dale I have carried stories of [girl's name] and her experiences. As a Girl Scout she has been happy, willing, and fair---a credit to her troop and community.

East Wind:

I am the East Wind. I wish you well. I have spread the story of [girl's] fun and happiness in Girl Scouting with her troop, and of how she lived up to the Girl Scout Promise and was fair and helpful.

West Wind:

I am the West Wind. I would like everyone present to know that [girls name] did not walk the trail to the [award] alone. She had the wonderful help and guidance of her parents, [mothers name & fathers name]. Parents, continue to help your girls achieve and grow into young womanhood!