Daisy Bridging Ceremony

Who: Daisy Girl Scouts, their leaders, parents, and perhaps a Brownie Girl Scout "sister" troop with which you have done some bridging activities.

What: Ceremony to make the transition from Daisy level of Girl Scouts to Brownie level of Girl Scouts.

Where: At your meeting place, at school, at a church, at a community room.

When: After you have completed most of your year as a Daisy Girl Scout and after you have talked to a Brownie Girl Scout troop about Brownie Girl Scouts.

Why: Bridging is an important milestone in moving to the next level of Girl Scouts to receive "Ending Certificates", to receive a Brownie Girl Scout membership pin, to receive a Membership Star and blue disc (which signifies the girl has been a member of Girl Scouts for one year), and to receive the "Bridge to Brownie Girl Scouts Patch" which the girls have earned as a Daisy Scout

How: Send invitations to all of the guests. This ceremony should include the girls, leaders, parents, and perhaps the Brownie troop you have done bridging activities with. Be sure to include all the details about date, time, place, wear uniform, refreshments served, etc.

Opening: Form a circle and call each girl's name. Explain why you are having this ceremony.

Celebration: Flag ceremony OR Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Say the Girl Scout Promise together, leader could read the Girl Scout Law. Have each girl tell what was her favorite part of Daisy Girl Scouts and what she looks forward to as a Brownie Girl Scout, have each girl walk across the bridge. Give each girl an Ending Certificate, a Membership Star and blue disc, and a Brownie Girl Scout pin (you may want to wait until the beginning of next year to give the girl her Brownie Pin). Greet each girl with a Girl Scout handshake. Sing the "Brownie Smile Song".

Closing: Form a circle, sing "Make New Friends" and then "Taps" Do a friendship squeeze around the circle, dismiss. Refreshments are optional but add a nice touch.