Cadette Girl Scout Bridging to Seniors

The speaking parts can be split up into a few more parts if you have more girls available. This ceremony can be adapted to bridge girls into Adult Scouting with a few wording changes.

Senior Scout Speaker: Tonight we Seniors celebrate with these Cadettes who are ready to bridge into Senior Girl Scouting. It is our aim during this evening to see that you have a glimpse into the different options of the Senior Girl Scouting program and that we can get to know each other. We know that you have prepared yourselves well and will want to use your experiences to extend your knowledge and to explore new interests. We know too, that you will adhere to the belief in the Girl Scout Promise and Law which underlies the activities in the Senior Program. May we all repeat the Girl Scout Promise and Law together.

Senior Scout: There are so many worlds to explore! There is the World of Yourself, partly known, but still full of mysteries and surprises. There is the World of People, like you and unlike you, girls and boys, men and women, little children and senior citizens. There is the World of the Out-of-Doors, and there are the worlds of laughter and beauty and career and growing up to be a woman.

Speaker: It now gives us much pleasure to present you with a gift to represent your bridging from Cadettes to Seniors. As your name is called, will you please come forward to receive your gift.

Speaker: (after all girls have received gifts)
Let us be friends in everything of duty and of play.
And in whatever other deeds we do from day to day
Let us be kind and generous to those who cross our path
And not allow ourselves to live in jealousy or wrath
Let us consider what we have and how much we can spare
To spread the sunshine with us to others everywhere
For, after all, our happiness to some degree depends
On how we go about the task of comforting our friends
So let us follow friendliness with every step we take
And do some worthy deed each day for someone else's sake
Close with an appropriate song

Gift ideas: Daisies
Yellow Roses
Personalized I.D Pin
Membership Star
Part of the Senior Uniform
Bridging Patch