Brownie Wishing Well

Investiture Ceremony

Make well out of a new garbage can covered with a large sheet of paper the girls had colored, to make it look like a stone well. Use two large cardboard tubes and a piece of cardboard folded in half to form a roof for the well. You can also have a Barbie size doll in the well as the "fairy" for the girls to talk to.

The Brownies form a circle around the wishing well.

Leader: "These Brownies wish to tell their wish to the fairy in the wishing well.
Turn to the left,
Turn to the right,
Make a wish that is happy and bright
Turn to the east,
Turn to the west,
Make your wish for the one you love best
Now tiptoe up and whisper clear
The wish you want the fairy to hear"

Each Brownie-to-be comes to the well, makes her wish to the fairy and then stands aside while the rest of the girls do the same. After all of the girls have made their wishes:

Leader: "All listen closely, and I will tell
What she told to me - that fairy in the well!
The fairies gave their crowns of gold,
The woodland elves did as they were told,
And for each little girl in the room today
They fashioned a pin in the Brownie way,
So wear it and guard it, and always endeavor
The words of the Girl Scout Promise to keep forever."

Brownies-to-be say the Girl Scout Promise. Leader pins the Brownie Girl Scout pin on each girl, gives the Girl Scout handshake and welcomes her to Brownie troop____. New Brownies return to the circle and the troop sings a song.