Baking a Batch of Brownies

Brownie Bridging Ceremony

Leader: "Since some of our girls have bridged up to Juniors (or moved, etc.) we have extra spaces in our Brownie (Girl Scout) ring".

1st girl "Yes, what can we do about it?"

2nd girl "I know, let's whip up some new Brownies (Girl Scouts)."

all girls "Yes, yes"

3rd girl "We can look in the handbook for the recipe."

4th girl "Here it is. To make Brownies (Girl Scouts) we must mix in a few basic ingredients, Promise, Law, and 5 Worlds of Interest.

5th girl "In a large bowl, cream together 1 cup each of promise to serve God, my country, and mankind."

6th girl "To this mixture add 2 cups of honesty and 4 tablespoons of cheerfulness. Mix together until well blended.

7th girl "Stir in one cup of thoughtfulness"

8th girl "Beat together 1/2 cup fairness and 1/2 cup helpfulness and add to the mixture.

9th girl "Sprinkle over the mixture 2 tablespoons of sisterhood of Girl Scouting and mix well".

10th girl "Add 1 cup of respect for herself and 1 cup of respect for others."

11th girl " Sift together 1/2 cup of a wise use of resources and 6 tablespoons of a promise to protect and improve the world. Stir into mixture."

12th girl "Blend together 1/2 cup of each of the following worlds: Well Being, People, Out of Doors, Arts, Today & Tomorrow.

13th girl "Into the worlds mixture add these special ingredients : 4 Tablespoons of Discoverer, 4 Tablespoons of Ready helper, and 4 Tablespoons of Friend Maker. Vary according to taste and add this to the batter."

14th girl "In a prepared pan spread the batter evenly. (Quickly put pan in oven so no one sees the girls inside). Bake at a moderate temperature until done".

Leader: (Ring Bell) "They're done! Open the oven door and have the new Brownies (GS) walk out. Look! A brand new batch of Brownies (GS)".