Neighborhood Multi-Level Bridging Ceremony

For an idea on how to set up the bridge, circles and horseshoes, please see this image.

Perform opening flag ceremony and sing “America, the Beautiful”

Welcome to Brownie Girl Scouts (for Daisies bridging to Brownies)

Brownie Leader says to Daisy Girl Scouts: “Come on girls and join our ring; here we plan most everything.”
First and second grade Brownies go get Daisies and take them into circle. Daisies can be presented with their Bridge to Brownie Girl Scouts Patch, their Ending Certificate, and their membership pin, if desired.
Third grade Brownies Fly-up
Brownie Leader says to third graders:
“Now it’s time to say good-bye; break the ring and out you fly.”
Ring breaks to let girls and Leader out. She takes them to the bridge, repeats the following poem and gives them their Brownie Wings:
Brownies you are just about
To become a Junior Scout
In the troop you soon will find
Junior scouts are true and kind
So now I give you Brownie Wings
That you may fly to bigger things
Brownies cross the bridge, fourth and fifth grade Juniors meet them at the other end and each one takes a Brownie to the Junior horseshoe. When all are in place, they repeat the GS Promise together and the Brownies are presented with the GS pin.
Sixth grade Juniors cross bridge to Cadette Scouts
Junior leader says:
“As we say ‘Welcome to you’; we have to say a good-bye too
The time has come for some to cross; the Cadette’s gain is our loss”
Junior leader stands at end of the bridge and says a good-bye to sixth grade Juniors as they start across the bridge. Seventh and eighth grade Cadettes meet them at the other end of bridge and take them to their horseshoe.
Ninth grade Cadettes cross bridge to Senior Scouts
Cadette leader says:
“Welcome to Cadette Scouting. As you join us to help make a well rounded troop ready to meet the challenges of Cadette Scouting, we too must say good-bye to some of our members as they progress on to Senior Scouting.”
Cadette leader stands at end of bridge and gives the ninth grade Cadettes the GS handshake as they start across the bridge. The Senior Scouts will meet them at the other end.
Close ceremony by singing “GSs Together”