Troop Camping - Planning It

Learning how to make a bedroll can be great fun if you do it with games like "guess what's missing from this bedroll".  (Lay out sample bedroll and personal gear; remove one item and see if girls can guess what is needed but not there.)

What does or does not go in a first aid kit?  Put the necessary first aid items in a pile with non-first-aid-kit things and let the girls sort them into "yes" or "no" boxes.

Have a sleeping bag rolling relay - each team member runs up to a rolled (but not tied) sleeping bag, unrolls it, crawls inside and crawls out again, rolls the bag up, then runs to tag the next player.

Learn a new song to take along with you.  (Senior scouts are a great help in this department.)

Look on a map to see where you are and where you are going.

The artists in the troop can help produce a colorful kaper chart.

Everybody helps choose the menu!  Going shopping with an adult to buy the food is fun too.

Practice using kitchen utensils by preparing troop meeting refreshments with them - peeling carrots for carrot sticks, etc.