Emotional and Physical Readiness

Emotional Readiness

A girl is emotionally ready for camp when she:
-- wants to go and is willing to prepare for camp and follow directions at camp.
-- is not afraid to be away from home overnight (and her parents are prepared to let her go.)
-- is willing to share, play, and work with all girls, not just her best friends.
-- is not afraid of the dark, the latrine, or the out-of-doors (woods) and its inhabitants (insects, spiders, etc.)
-- is willing to manage with little or no privacy
-- doesn't always have to have her own way; can give in or compromise graciously
-- is experienced in being a member of the group

Physical Readiness

A girl is physically ready for camp when she:
-- has the stamina, strength, skills and coordination for the activities planned.
-- is strong enough to carry her own gear, a bucket of water, or an armload of firewood
-- has used kitchen implements and can operate them safely
-- can wash dishes, clean up kitchen area, and store food properly
-- can build a fire, build a fireplace, or operate the type of stove to be used
-- can make a bed and clean a latrine
-- can operate a flashlight
-- has been on a series of day trips or has been to day or resident camp

Other Consideration

In many troops, all of the girls will be ready for camping at the same time.  In other troops, only a few girls will be ready.  In this case, it might be advisable to allow the girls who are ready to go with a Junior troop.  These more experienced girls will be a valuable resource in preparing the rest of the girls for an exciting adventure in the out-of-doors.