You can begin to bridge to Cadette Girl Scouts in your last year as a Junior Girl Scout. As a Cadette Girl Scout, you will enjoy many of the same types of activities you did in Junior Girl Scouting, but as a Cadette Girl Scout you have more freedom, greater opportunities, and more responsibilities. Juniors will need to complete six activities in order to receive their Bridge to Cadette Girl Scouts.

1. Find out about Cadette Girl Scout books.  Look through the handbook or the Interest Projects book and pick out three activities that interest you.

2. Find out about GirlSports or other council sponsored opportunities for Cadette Girl Scouts.   Participate in one where Cadette Girl Scouts are also taking part.

3. Complete one of the activities you picked out in step one.

4. Participate in a service project or a camping/hiking trip with Cadette Girl Scouts.

5. Do something with a Cadette Girl Scout or Cadette Girl Scout troop.

6. Help plan your bridging ceremony.  Plan ways to make your ceremony meaningful and unique for you and other Juniors who are bridging with you.