Girl Scouting Around the World

For more detailed information, please see your Junior Girl Scout Badge Book and your Junior Girl Scout Handbook.  The information provided here is only to give you an idea of what each badge is about.  Additional resources not found in the badge book or handbook are marked with this graphic .  They are additional ideas your troop might find useful in earning this badge.

1. Thinking Day - celebrate Thinking Day by showing your connection to girls around the world

2.  WAGGGS on the Web - visit the wagggs site at to learn about other member countries and share what you learn

3.  Show the World - create a display that shows how Girl Scouts are part of a world sisterhood

4.  Connect with Younger Girls - create a game or storybook to show younger scouts how they are connected to other scouts and guides around the world

5.  Just for Girls - visit the Just for Girls website - now at and see if you can find out about Girl Scouting around the world
     Also try the GSUSA site or the world thinking day site

6.  Girl Scouting's Founder: Juliette Gordon Low - learn about the Juliette Gordon Low World Friendship Fund

7.  International Expert - learn about another WAGGGS country

8.  World Service - research a world problem that affects girls your age and how you can help

9.  Common Roots - learn about Lord and Lady Baden-Powell

10. WAGGGS Travel - find out about each world center - where it is, how can you get there and what kinds of events or activities are held there.