For more detailed information, please see your Junior Girl Scout Badge Book and your Junior Girl Scout Handbook.  The information provided here is only to give you an idea of what each badge is about.  Additional resources not found in the badge book or handbook are marked with this graphic .  They are additional ideas your troop might find useful in earning this badge.

1. Check Out the Classifieds - Read three want ads and determine what experience or education is needed for each and how the salaries compare.  Would you like to have any of those jobs?

2.  Work is Funny - Read comics from the newspaper about working life.

3.  Hobbies Can Be Golden - Ask five adults whether hobbies they had as children are related in some way to their careers.  What did you learn?

4.  A Career for You - Research a career you would like to have.  Find out about education requirements, special training, salary, special equipment or tools needed, the type of clothing you would wear and how hard it is to get a job in that field.

5.  Thinking on Your Feet - Improvisational speaking is picking a random topic (such as out of a hat) and speaking on it without any time to prepare.  Write some simple words (cat, shoe, pencil, etc) or more complicated ones (friendship, peace, integrity) on slips of paper and have each girl draw one out one at a time and speak for 30 seconds about her topic.

6.  Time's a'Wasting - Read the time management section in the JGS Handbook and do one of the activities.

7.  Interview 101 - With a partner, role play a job interview.

8.  Role Models - Collect information on three successful business women - interview them if possible.

9.  Getting Along in Groups - Read the section about getting along in groups in the JGS Handbook and find out what conflict resolution skills are important in a workplace.

10. Computers on the Job - Find out five different ways people use computers at work.