For more detailed information, please see your Junior Girl Scout Badge Book and your Junior Girl Scout Handbook.  The information provided here is only to give you an idea of what each badge is about.  Additional resources not found in the badge book or handbook are marked with this graphic .  They are additional ideas your troop might find useful in earning this badge.

1.  It's a Wide World - pick two stories from other cultures, read them aloud, act them out or create a puppet show about them

2.  Picture This! - pick two picture books and read them to younger girls, create book covers for them, or write your own picture book in the same style

3.  Be a Tape Worm! - make an audiotape of a short story, magazine article, poetry collection, ect and give it to someone who can not read - be sure to practice before you record

4.  Be a Reading Helper - put together a list of places to go for help learning to read or be a reading buddy to a younger child

5.  The Living Past - read a selection that tells of past life in the United States

6.  Read and Review - read a review of a book at your age level, read the book and decide what you think about it

7.  How To? Read On! - become an expert on a subject by reading about it

8.  Build a Library - deliver books to others or collect books for a library

9.  Books for Life - find out about careers involving books

10. Your Library's Treasures - explore your library and make a poster about it