Across Generations

For more detailed information, please see your Junior Girl Scout Badge Book and your Junior Girl Scout Handbook.  The information provided here is only to give you an idea of what each badge is about.  Additional resources not found in the badge book or handbook are marked with this graphic .  They are additional ideas your troop might find useful in earning this badge.

1. These Are Their Lives - interview an older adult to find out about their life and create a project for them to showing important experiences

2.  Learn a New Skill - learn a new skill from someone 70 or older

3.  Make a Friend - visit someone in a nursing home or senior center

4.  Be a Helper - help an older person in your community

5. Service Directory - make a contact list of agencies in your area where girls can do service to help older people

6.  Girl Scouts Past and Present - meet someone who was in Girl Scouts in 1912-1950, compare scouting then and now

7.  Share the Fun - participate in an activity at a nursing home or senior center

8.  Love What You Do - interview someone over 65 who is active in her career

9.  What's So Funny? - compare and contrast comics from 20 or 30 years ago to those written today

10. Food Through the Years - cook with an older adult, make one of her childhood favorites