Earning Learning Petals

There are no set requirements for earning Daisy Learning Petals.  Here are some ideas I have used when my girls were Daisies.

Promise Center
Have girls trace their hands on construction paper and cut them out, making sure each finger is separate. Print copies of the Promise Trefoil on green construction paper with the paper set at landscape (laying on its side) with room for the hands next too the trefoils. Girls glue their cut out hands to the paper next to the trefoil folding down their thumb and pinkie finger to make the Girl Scout sign. Once completed these can either decorate the girls' scrapbooks or be sent home as a way to help the girls practice the Girl Scout Promise.

Honest & Fair
Honest: Honesty is sometimes hard for girls this age to get, and unfortunately a big reason for this is that most adults feel free to tell "little white lies". Talk to the girl about what it means to tell a lie and what happens when they start to get out of control. A great movie to watch with this petal is the Veggie Tales movie Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space. Give the girls some veggie sticks for snack and a few Veggie Tales color pages and you have your meeting pretty much planned. Visit http://www.bigidea.com/ for coloring pages and other great Veggie Tales fun.
Fair: Game Night! One of the easiest ways to help girls this age understand the concept of fair is to put it in terms of a game. Let the girls pick some games to play or bring a in a few favorites (make sure they are at the right age level). Before playing let the girls help set the rules (simple ones, like everyone gets a turn, pass the dice nicely, etc).

Make the World a Better Place
What could be better for this petal than a craft that not only recycles, it helps out our feathered friends? Make a milk jug bird feeders. Rinse out an empty plastic gallon milk jug with lid. Cut a window in the front of the jug, and make two small poke holes for the perches. Insert pencils for perches and fill the bottom of the jug with bird seed.

Responsible for What I Say and Do
Read your troop the story of Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister or have them watch the movie (we found both at our local library). After the story discuss how Rainbow Fish had to respect his friends in order to share with them. Also talk about the good feeling we get when we share with other people and how that relates to respecting ourselves. Give each girl a copy of the fish template to decorate as she wishes. After each girl has completed her fish, bring out one you have previously colored and added sparkle scales to. (These can be made from sparkle paper made for ink jet printers, try Crayola.) Have the girls see that their fish do not have any of the sparkle scales, but your fish has so many. What would be the nice thing for you to do to respect others? Let this theme carry on to small pieces of candy, stickers, pencils, erasers or any other small treat. Give some to every other girl or a bunch to only one, and talk about what they should do.

Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout
This petal goes perfectly with Thinking Day. Learn about Girl Guides from a selected country, what they wear (uniforms), what they are called (at the age level of Daisies), special foods from their country, etc. If possible, find someone who has been to that country to share with your girls. Our troop had a grandpa who had been a missionary to Mexico and he shared photos, a bit of the language and candy & pop from Mexico. It was a big hit with the girls of the troop and at our Regional Thinking Day festival.

Respect Authority
Schedule a tour at your local police department. As Kindergarteners, most girls will have an opportunity to visit the fire stations, but few get to see the police department. Ask an officer to talk with the girls about basic safety. As a nice thank you, take with you a big batch of cookies for the officers, they will be very appreciative!

Respect Myself and Others
A super easy and fun way to earn this petal is to have an EMT visit the girls and show a bit about the ambulance and emergency procedure. They can also talk about some safety precautions when playing (most have seen their fair share of accidents). Help the girls understand that when they respect someone they work to help keep them safe.

Use Resources Wisely
We learned about recycling and the girls brought in cans and paper to recycle (the only things accepted in our town). The money received for recycling the cans was donated back to our troop (about $50 in the 3 months we did this) and the girls had a great end of the year trip from it.

Considerate and Caring
A few weeks before Valentine's Day (you can do any holiday you like or "just because") we matched the girls up with Secret Pals.  The girls all made things for their Secret Pals and put them into their cubbies, desks or backpacks (you can even send them home with mom).  We made friendship bracelets, foam picture frames, valentine cards, etc and the girls had the option to bring in special treats too.  At our Valentine meeting the girls got to find out who their Secret Pal was.

Friendly and Helpful
We earned this petal while we were preparing to bridge.  We started this one off with the Brownie Story (found in the Brownie Handbook).  Then we took some foam precut flower shapes and wrote "A Daisy was Here" on each one in permanent marker, we made 4 for each girl.  The girls decorated their daisies with stickers, glitter, and general "stuff" from our craft supplies box.  Each girl took home their daisies and could leave one when she did something helpful - like straightening the magazines on the coffee table or feeding the fish.  The next week the girls got to share how (and who) they were helpful to.

Courageous and Strong
As a troop we attended a gymnastics & cheer workshop.  The girls tried out new moves (courageous) and learned how to keep their bodies strong through fun exercise.