An Investiture Ceremony doesn't have to be hard or complicated, just something special to the girls.  Remember, when each Daisy is invested she should receive a Daisy Beginning Certificate.  You can get these from your local council shop or make copies of this one.

Tell the story of Juliette Low, (or have the girls act it out). Present a daisy to each girl. Say the promise all together, then each leader, going in an opposite direction around the circle, pins each girl and shakes hands with the ones already pinned.


Place a daisy in a pot (use a large potted plant...put a dowel in it with a daisy center) the daisy center says "DAISY TROOP ### and then has slits around the edges for each girl. Each girl as she is introduced has a petal with her name (shaped like a canoe) that they poke the end through the slot to make a flower...leader helper can help with the poking. The completed flower represents their troop. Then we just say welcome Daisy troop ### and we all clap and they sit down. Later, they stand with everyone to say the promise.


Make a ring of daisies on the floor. They can be plastic and wired to a hula hoop, cloth on a rope, real and laid out in a ring, etc. Daisies stand in horseshoe on one side, leader on the other.
Leader: "Who comes to the Daisy ring?"
1st girl: "Suzy"
Leader: "Suzy, do you understand the Girl Scout Promise?"
1st girl: "yes"
Leader: "Suzy, can you recite the Girl Scout Promise?"
1st girl: "On my honor ...."
Leader: "Please step into the Daisy ring."
Leader then welcomes the girl to Daisy GS, pins her, does GS handshake and
invites her out on her side. On to 2nd girl.


Make a large daisy center of yellow construction paper. Write the troop number on the center. Make a petal of white construction paper for each girl. Write her name on the petal. The center can be attached to a bulletin board. (If one is not available at your meeting place, make one by covering heavy cardboard with construction paper or material.)  Begin the ceremony with the “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag” followed by the singing of America. As each girl comes forward to attach her petal to the center, welcome her to Daisy Troop #__ with a hug. If a new girl joins at a later date, her petal may be added. A variation – use real daisies and have the girls place them in a flower container with the troop number on it.


When we had our Investiture my husband and I made a large daisy with petals on dowels, enough for each girl. When the girls came up for their beginning certificate they added the petal to the flower and at the end we had a complete daisy. The petals can have the girl's name on it or parts of the law or promise. Then at the end of the year we used the same flower, only now they took a petal off as they got ready to go across the bridge and become brownies.


This is a "quickie"- each girl is given a daisy (preferably an actual flower, though they could be made out of paper.) They come forward one at a time to say part of the Promise and Law (the helper can whisper what to say to the girls, if it looks like they can't remember, and I assume that they can't read) and the Daisy puts her flower into a vase. You can put her pin on then. When they are all in the leader says something about while the individual flowers looked nice by themselves, look at how much nicer they are in a bouquet. Just like the girls, who are wonderful themselves but even more wonderful in a group, doing things together. Then repeat the Promise and Law all together.