Daisy Bridging

     A bridging ceremony is held when Daisy Girl Scouts "cross the bridge" to the next level - Brownie Girl Scouts.  It is one of the important milestones in Girl Scouting, and Daisy Girl Scouts should help as much as possible in its planning.  They can create invitations, decide which refreshments to serve, and offer ideas for the content of the ceremony.  You should also involve the troop parent committee (those parents who help out in the troop setting) invite the girls' families to attend.
     At the bridging ceremony, girls may receive the following insignia and awards:

Bridging to Brownies award patch
One-year membership star
Daisy Ending Certificate


Bridging Step 1

Girls learn about Brownie Girl Scouts by doing one of the following:

Invite some Brownie Girl Scouts to talk about Brownie Girl Scouting.

Visit a Brownie Girl Scout Troop during a planning meeting.

Have girls look through the Brownie Handbook and Try-Its book.

Bridging Step 2

Girls complete a Brownie activity by doing one of the following:

Find out about three things that Brownies do.

Complete an activity from the Brownie handbook.

Ask a Brownie to tell you about some of the things she does.

Bridging Step 3

Girls do one of the following with a Brownie Girl Scout:

Plan and carry out a service project with Brownies.

Go on a field trip with Brownies.

Visit Brownies at one of their meetings and complete an activity with them.

Bridging Step 4

Girls help plan their bridging ceremony.  They can:

Work with your Brownie sister troop to plan the bridging ceremony.

Pick (or make up) a song for the ceremony.

Prepare decorations for the ceremony.