When I’ve earned my Tula petal,
I will know how to be courageous and strong,
just like Tula the Tulip

To earn your Tula petal, read the story
Standing Up for Darla
and do these three things.

1. Talk about “Tula’s Story”
When did Tula show that she was courageous and strong?
How do you think Darla felt when Tula asked the dandelions to stop teasing her?
How do you think the rest of the dandelions felt after Tula and, then, Miss Evergreen asked them to stop teasing Darla?

2. Make an art gallery celebrating women who are courageous and strong
Ask a family member or trusted adult to tell you a story about a woman who is courageous and strong. Draw a picture of her.
Then, tell the story to your Daisy group and hang your picture on the wall. Together, enjoy the art gallery you’ve created!

3. Practice being courageous and strong
There are lots of ways to act like Tula. Try it out by doing one of these activities:

Draw a picture or make a collage of an animal that you think is courageous and strong. Put it someplace where you’ll see it
every day to remind you of how you’d like to act.
Learn a song that makes you feel courageous and strong. Sing it every morning for a week – or teach it to your Daisy friends
and have a sing-along!
Find a person who is courageous and strong, either in real life or in a book, movie, or TV show. Tell your family about that person and why you think they are courageous and strong.