When I’ve earned my Zinni petal,
I will know how to be considerate and caring,
just like Zinni the Zinnia

To earn your Zinni petal, read the story
The Art of Sharing
and do these three things.

1. Talk about “Zinni’s Story”
Why did Zinni forget to be considered and caring at first?
What reminded her of her promise to act in a considerate and caring way?
How do you think the Flower Friends felt when they shared their
coloring books, crayons, and markers instead of keeping them for themselves?

2. Come up with ideas of how to be like Zinni
Sit in circles of three and come up with different ways you can be
considerate and caring. Share your ideas with the larger group.

3. Practice being considerate and caring
There are lots of ways to act like Zinni. Try it out by doing one of these activities:
Count how many Daisies are at your meeting. Then, count how many snacks you have. How many snacks can each Daisy have
if you want to make sure everyone gets a treat?
Set up tables with paper, crayons, markers, and paints. Start drawing pictures. Ask an adult to ring a bell every five
minutes. When the bell rings, trade whatever you’re using to make your drawing with a Daisy sitting next to you. Have fun
seeing how your picture changes as you share different supplies!
Think of three ways you can be considerate and caring at home, at school, or at your Daisy meeting. Talk about it with someone in your family. Draw a picture of you doing those three things and put it somewhere you can see it to remind you to be considerate and caring every day.