When I’ve earned my Sunny petal,
I will know how to be friendly and helpful,
just like Sunny the Sunflower.

To earn your Sunny petal, read the story
A Warm Welcome for Suzy
do these three things.

1. Talk about “Sunny's Story”
When did Sunny show that she was helpful and friendly?
How do you think Robin felt when Sunny offered to give Suzy a tour of the garden?
How do you think Suzy felt after Sunny gave her a tour of the garden and Buckley invited her to the party?

2. Make a mural based on "Sunny's Story" with your Daisy friends –
Maybe you’d like to draw what happened in the story – or
maybe you’d like to imagine what happened at Buckley’s party
and draw that!

3. Practice being friendly and helpful
There are lots of ways to act like Sunny! Try it out by doing one of these activities:

Is there a new student at school or in your Daisy group? You can be friendly by inviting them to sit with you during lunch,
asking them to play at recess, or introducing yourself to them at a Daisy meeting.
Visit a community helper at their job or ask them to talk to your Daisy group about what they do. It might be:
* A school nurse who helps students who are hurt or sick
* A firefighter who shows people how to stay safe and keep fires from starting
* Someone who works at a food pantry to help people who don’t have enough to eat
Think of three ways that you can be helpful at school, at a Daisy meeting, or at home. Then, pick one thing to do during
the next week. Afterward, talk about what you did with your Daisy friends. You might:
* Pass out papers for your teacher
* Help clean up after a Daisy meeting
* Set the table for dinner