When I’ve earned my Lupe petal,
I will know how to be honest and fair,
just like Lupe the Lupine.

To earn your Lupe petal, read the story
A Fair Turn Flower Garden
do these three things.

1. Talk about “Lupe’s Story”
When did Lupe show that she was honest and fair?
How do you think the Flower Friends would have felt if Lupe
had opened the present without them? How do you think
Lupe would feel if she had not shared the present?
When have you been honest and fair? How did it feel?

2. Act out the story with your Daisy friends –
each girl can take a different part
If there are lots of girls in your group, you may have to act it
out a couple of times so everyone gets a chance to play a part
– that’s the fair thing to do! How do you “fairly” choose who
gets to play which part?

3. Practice being honest and fair
There are lots of ways to act like Lupe! Try it out by doing one of these activities:
Play a game like Musical Chairs; Red Light, Green Light; or Duck, Duck, Goose with your Daisy
friends. Talk about the rules, then, follow them as you play.
The next time you and your friends play
together, let everyone take a turn choosing
which game to play.
When it’s time for snacks at your next Daisy
group meeting, make sure to share them equally
with everyone.