Puppets, Dolls and Plays



Foil Doll Family
Unlike your average tin men, these foil characters have plenty of heart. All it takes is a pinch here and there to make them strike any pose your child likes.

1. Tear a rectangular sheet (about 10 by 15 inches) from a roll of aluminum foil. Then make two cuts down from the top of the sheet and one cut up from the bottom. (For a pet, make two cuts up from the bottom.)

2. Scrunch together the center of the sheet to form a torso. Pinch and mold the upper corners into arms, and the lower corners into legs and feet. Shape the upper midsection into a head and neck. (The lower midsection makes the tail of the pet.)
idea courtesy of Family Fun

Juliette Low Paper Bag Puppet
Materials Needed
copies of Juliette Low Bag puppet (one for each girl)
lunch size paper bag
crayons, makers, glue, scissors
Make a copy of JL paper bag puppet for each girl.  Have girls color and cut out the bag puppet pieces and glue them onto their lunch bags.  Our troop did this for Founder's Day and then had each girl tell about JL using her puppet after we read the section in the handbook.





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