Making Music



Make Musical Instruments

Hullabaloo Kazoo
Cut a cardboard tube so that it's 6 inches long, or use an empty toilet tissue roll. Spread the cellophane or waxed paper square over one end of the tube.  Secure the paper with a rubber band. Place the open end of the tube against your mouth and hum.

Pot pie tine w/double sticky tape along the edges and dried beans inside. Use a paper punch along the outside edges and thread ribbons through them. You can color the tambourines before they are assembled.

2 -20 ounce plastic pop bottles clean, rinsed and dried with lids
rice or beans
crepe paper

Add beans to inside of bottle. Twist the lid on. Tape crepe paper streamers to the lid of the bottles. Decorate bottled as desired with markers or paint. Shake, shake, shake your thing

2 foil pie or pot pie plates
crepe paper
heavy duty tape

Coffee Can Drum
Take a coffee can and wash thoroughly. Take the lid off and set aside. Cut a piece of brown paper to wrap around outside of can. Glue or tape the paper around outside of can. Have the child paint, color or glue items on the paper to decorate the drum. Cut a piece of waxed paper large enough to cover the opening and have about 1-2 inches of excess. Place the waxed paper over opening and secure tightly with a large rubber band.






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