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Charcoal Starter Chimney
Materials Needed
3 pound coffee can
can punch
wire hanger
newspaper shreds
charcoal briquettes

1. With a can punch, place holes through the sides of a #10 can or a 3 lb. coffee can around the bottom edge. Be careful not to punch through the can seam.
2. Make two holes near the top rim of the can opposite one another. Make a handle from picture wire, mirror wire or a coat hanger and attach it through the two holes.
3. Add shredded newspaper or fire kisses (6"x6" pieces of wax paper filled with candle shavings and twisted at each end). Make sure that pieces of the paper stick out of each of the four bottom holes as wicks. Add briquettes to chimney and light paper.
4. When briquettes are ready, remove with tongs and place where needed.


Camp Cutlery Holder
Materials Needed
7 count plastic canvas
plastic canvas needles

Cut plastic canvas:
1 piece - 14 x 91 threads (back & top)
1 piece - 14 x 61 threads (front)
2 pieces - 6 x 61 threads (sides)
2 pieces - 6 x 14 threads (bottom & clasp)

Whip stitch the four long pieces and one of the small pieces together to form a box (one side of the open end will be much longer than the other three). Attach the second small piece across the front piece at the 10th thread down from the open end of the box and stitch along as if small piece was part of the front piece. (clear as mud?)

Cut 12 threads from outside row on each side of the back piece. This will allow it to fold over and tuck under the crosspiece (clasp).

Store your cutlery in this box and keep it all together in your mesh bag.

Drip Bag
Materials Needed
2 Dish washing cloths (the kind that are loosely woven out of cotton string)
Needle with large eye
Heavy duty thread

Take the two dish washing cloths put them together. Thread the needle with the heavy thread and tie both ends of thread together so you have a double thread to use for sewing. Start at one corner of the cloths. Hold the thread knot with one hand and push needle up through a open loop of the fabric and down through the next loop with the other hand. Push the needle between the two threads to tie your sewing thread at the corner. Stitch several more times at that corner to make sure your thread does not pull out as you sew the two cloths together.

Now, sew the two cloths together on three sides with the heavy duty tread by pushing the threaded needle through every one of the open loops around the edge of the cloths. Sew up through a loop, then down through the next one until three sides are sewn together. Tie off the thread again at this corner by pushing your needle up and down several times but do not cut your thread. After the thread is tied off, sew the three sides again but this time if you went up through a loop the first time go down through it this time. When you get back to the corner you started from tie off the thread like before. When you finish it should look like you were weaving the threads around the edge of the cloths.

Cut a 40 inch piece of twine. Separate the pieces of cloth on the open side so you have a bag. Starting at one corner on the outside of the bag, thread the twine through all the loops around the top of your bag back to the beginning. Tie the two ends of the twine to make a draw string for your bag.

Put your mess kit in the drip bag and enjoy.






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