Colors and Shapes


America's Favorite Colors Sheets
Materials Needed
copies of America's Favorite Colors
large boxes of Crayola crayons (for girls to see the color varieties)

This is best used as a meeting opener, but is really fun for girls to see how their favorite colors rank in the national picks.  Before the meeting, hot glue each of the 50 top crayons onto a small sheet of poster board.  When the girls come in have them pick their favorite from the line up and let them know how their favorite ranked.  Give the girls a copy of their favorite color sheet to tell them a bit about it.  To make this easier for leaders who do not have a pc and printer at meeting place, only do the top ten or so.
Source: Color Sheets came from

Find Out What Different Colors Mean
Materials Needed
information about color meanings

Have girls decide what their favorite color is.  Visit a website that tells about color meanings or bring a book about it and talk about what each of the colors mean, the feelings they evoke and the "energy" they have.






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