Brownie Bridging to Juniors

     Every Brownie recieves her wings at the end of her Brownie years.  Song girls also choose to earn their bridge to Juniors rainbow.  Girls need to complete one activity from each section to earn this award.  A bridging ceremony is held when Brownie Girl Scouts "cross the bridge" to the next level - Junior Girl Scouts.  It is one of the important milestones in Girl Scouting, and Brownies should help as much as possible in its planning.  They can create invitations, decide which refreshments to serve, and offer ideas for the content of the ceremony.  You should also involve the troop parent committee (those parents who help out in the troop setting) invite the girls' families to attend.

At the bridging ceremony, girls may receive the following insignia and awards:

Bridging to Juniors award patch - if earned
Membership star with green disk
Bridging Certificate

Remember, all Brownies receive their wings when they "fly up".  This age level is the only one that is allowed to fly up, all others only bridge.

Bridging Step 1 - Find out about Junior Girl Scouting.

Invite some Junior Girl Scouts to talk about Junior Girl Scouting.

Find out about Junior badges and signs.  Look at the Junior Badge Book and Junior Handbook for more information on these.

Take part in a special event for Brownies moving up to Juniors provided by your Service Team or council.

Bridging Step 2 - Do a Junior Girl Scout activity.

Do an activity from the Junior badge book or handbook.

Do an activity from an Issues for Girl Scouts booklet.

Do an online activity for Junior Girl Scouts (

Bridging Step 3 - Do something with a individual Junior or a Junior troop.

Attend a Junior Girl Scout meeting.

Do a service project with Junior Girl Scouts.

Write to a Junior pen  pal (mail) or key pal (e-mail) who lives in your area or another state.

Bridging Step 4 - Share what you learned with Brownie or Daisy Girl Scouts.

Make a poster or collage  or create a flyer to show others what Junior Girl Scouts is all about.

Put on a skit or special program about a service project or activity you did with a Junior Girl Scout.

Teach a song or game that you learned from a Junior Girl Scout.

Bridging Step 5 - Plan and do a summer Girl Scout activity.

Go to Girl Scout day or resident camp.

Plan to do an outdoor activity with other Girl Scouts and their families.

Have a cookout, swim or skate party, campfire or stargazing activity with other Girl Scouts.

Plan a get-acquainted activity for fall for your new Junior Girl Scout troop friends.

Write a summer newsletter.

Do a service project with other Girl Scouts.

Bridging Step 6 - Help plan your fly-up ceremony.

Learn a new opening or closing that you can use in your flying-up ceremony.

Write a poem, song or skit about going from Brownies to Juniors that you can use in your ceremony.

Make decorations that you can use at the ceremony.