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     Welcome to the Scout Mom website.  I have designed this site to help leaders of girls involved in scouting to provide an awesome experience for their troops.  Scout Mom started out way back in October of 2002 as a site for leaders of our service unit.  Since then, it has managed to grow into a site with hundreds of pages and ideas for leaders around the world and now expanded to include  educational resources.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to send me an email or take a moment to sign the guest book.  I really do love hearing from visitors.



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DISCLAIMER: Please note that Scout or it's creator, Jennifer Wood, is not responsible for any ill effects from using any of the recipes, tips or ideas found on this site. Users must accept full responsibility when using any idea found on this site. All projects and ideas are designed to be supervised by an adult. It is never advisable to allow children of any age to work alone with chemicals (even every day household ones) or hot or sharp objects. Good judgment is critical when working with children, please keep this in mind. If there are any qualms with a suggested activity or project, either change to better fit the needs of the children who will be doing the project or choose another project to do.



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